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    Recession grads to get financially screwed by student loan forgiveness

    He doesn’t say the government should forgive it or that taxpayers should pay for it. One of his plans is to ask colleges to forgive loans for students who never graduated. Another is to over a repayment plan so you’d pay back 10% of your salary over ten years then have the rest forgiven. He...
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    CMV: Student loan forgiveness is the hot new way to say $3 trillion bank bailout

    It’s not even putting pressure on the wound, it is simply trying to clean up blood already spilled, to keep with your metaphor. Bailing out a few people so they can take vacations is not going grow our economy significantly. !delta for reminding me the government’s investment in this and that...
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    CMV: Student loan forgiveness is the hot new way to say $3 trillion bank bailout

    Nobody has any ideas on making college more affordable, just wiping out debt for some people to bring them to the voting booth. The system, like healthcare is too far gone just by the amount of money sunk into it
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    Demand Student loan forgiveness for medical providers NOW!

    Training to become a nurse, or a practitioner, PA, or doctor is expensive. And the loans take YEARS to pay off. There are fewer and fewer persons able to aspire to these careers given the cost and decades of debt. Right now, these folks are endangering themselves daily in poorly equipped...
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    Trump proposes end to student loan forgiveness program

    Ten years of payments on specific loan repayment methods that are 10-15% of your income. All while filing taxes separately if you're married (and not getting any of the joint tax breaks) so they don't take your household into account which can up your payments. Really it only saved me a year of...
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    Student loan forgiveness is the biggest fuck you, oh well America has come up with.

    According to the downvoted it's complicated. If school were free I'd have a gravitron. Kids would be building flying cars at 16. I don't want my tax dollars going to some rich dude to be even richer. Pay your debt. I pay mine.
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    Student loan forgiveness is the biggest fuck you, oh well America has come up with.

    I've been downvoted to oblivion for this opinion. But just imagining someone making 150k a year with 233k in student loans just disappear really turns my stomach. It is a fuck you to those who studies on their own, worked through a company, or hinged their life on investing, retirement and smart...
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    CMV: I don't like the idea of student loan forgiveness because it rewards poor choices

    If you worked hard, and paid off your mortgage early, for example, and then the next week the government says "Mortgages are putting a financial burden on the people of america! We are going to forgive and pay-off all mortgages".... wouldnt you feel slighted, and upset that had you just waited a...
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    Is Dave Ramsey wrong on student loan forgiveness?

    Yeah, 100% agree with you that it encourages irresponsible behavior, which is why I don’t like it. Wife is a pharmacist, but she also has a nice house worth of loans from a private university, which is why it makes it worth it....unfortunately.
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    Is Dave Ramsey wrong on student loan forgiveness?

    When most of these loans were taken out, PSLF eligibility was contained in the terms. So the fact that some eligible borrowers take advantage of that program is certainly what they 'agreed to' when taking out said loans.
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    Student Loan Forgiveness

    I agree with all of this to be honest. Sometimes $1500 per semester for books. Book store just says to add it to your loan like it's nothing. Ridiculous.
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    To Berniecrats: Biden favors a 15 dollar minimum wage, energy investment and some student loan forgiveness

    Would you still be concerned about (((donors))) if Biden announced he’s only going to serve one term? If he has no reelection campaign, he isn’t beholden to any (((donors))). Seeing as though he’s 77 and nobody thinks he will run for re-election if he wins, the (((donor))) paranoia seems pretty...
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    Why are people so anti student loan forgiveness/credit?

    This is a serious question and I'm not looking for left vs right debate but I am looking for some clarity. Recently there was discussions about the stimulus package and one of the many proposals was student loan forgiveness. It didn't pass ( with the exception of a no interest forbearance) But...
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    Denied a private student loan for pharmacy school, only have two other options.

    It is fully accredited. They are eligible to participate in FAFSA, but they don’t.
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    I have $71k in student loans, parents are willing to put $10k towards them. What's the best way?

    Yes my loans are split to 10k or less, reducing my monthly payments is definitely something I'm trying to do so I'll look into this
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    Questions about Student Loans/Parent+

    Yeah, she is looking at new jobs to get a pay increase. Her parents aren't helping with the loans. She's expected to pay them herself. They wanted her to try and refinance the plus loans in her name, but I figured that'd pretty much be a no go given her income and existing debts. I...
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    Question about trying to Refinance/Consolidated Student Loans (Parent Plus Loans)

    No, I completely agree they are my responsibility morally even if they aren’t legally. I have notice a trend on this sub for people to have the opposite opinion of “not your name, not your problem” so I just trying to cut that off from the get go.
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    Student Loans, Parents or Child

    This is honestly the best approach. Hopefully if I up my payments to them I can convince them to reciprocate since it helps both parties.
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    Student Loan (Parent Plus) Interest Deductible

    I don’t have a CPA or other tax individual to speak with about this so I’m seeking advice here. My parents took out Parent Plus Loans to help me through college. I’m helping them get refinanced through my credit union so that I can become a co-signer on the loan (regulations prevent me from...
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    8 dings in 2019 to 4 admits + $250k scholarships in 2020

    Tech entrepreneurship. Have 1 successful exit and working as a Director at a start-up now, so past experiences do tie in quite well!